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Thinking of You Project Results

Hello! Below are the results of my participation in the project. Before that, though, I'll briefly explain the parameters, since nobody requested to be informed of the guidelines (although two people did ask for a little clarification during the project). You received a message each time you were the first person I thought of at a given time. It was often that I thought of someone, then again very shortly after, but they would not receive an additional notification. It was even more often that I thought of someone, then another person and another, in what is called cascading thoughts. You would not receive a notification if you were not the first person thought of in that scenario. You got a message from me with the link to this page, and one or two numbers. If you received two numbers, the first is how often you were the first to be thought of, and the second refers to how often you were thought of overall (in overlapping or cascading thoughts). If you're confused by the result, you can always ask me to clarify when we talk again. Thank you!

There were 12 people opted in to receive thought bubbles when I thought of them. There were a total of 20 people who were included in the project. The vast majority of people included were thought of in overlapping and cascading thoughts, as well as initial thoughts. In fifteen days, I thought of 20 people in varying amounts 167 times. More than 11 times per day, I was thinking of you or someone important to me, sometimes fleeting, sometimes as long as a half hour. During this period, I had 275 waking hours, more than 120 of which I was working. On average, I thought of someone every 1.6 hours (100 minutes).

The reason I chose to participate in this is because, as you all know, I'm not very good at keeping in touch, mainly because that is not enough for me. I wanted to show how much you are in my thoughts, and just as importantly, validate to myself how often I was actually thinking of you. It was actually very difficult. I'm not used to stopping what I'm doing to tell someone I'm thinking of them, and generally there is nothing I have to say (which made it much easier using an icon instead of words). There were several times that I forgot to send the icon, so it was sent late, which also means there may have actually been a couple more times I thought of you but completely forgot to send it. 

I'm not always so terrible, though. It would probably surprise you to find out that there are and have been people that I talk to nearly every day through calls or messaging. There are two main differences with them. One is that they will contact me if they hadn't heard from me for more than a couple days. The second is that I also physically see them at least once every couple weeks, if not up to a couple times a week. Physically seeing people is what satisfies my needs, so I think I'm less put off by messaging and such when it happens. It makes me feel worse when it has been a long time since I've seen someone, and the best we can come up with over and over again is messaging. I'm trying to work on it. Maybe someday it'll be enough for me. 

Thanks to all of you for your participation.